Experience RGNT x Wheels and Waves x Hubert Bastié

OCCUPATION: Nurse in a Homeless Shelter in Paris 3 nights a week. Rest of the time: racing and collecting bikes.

I am born and raised in Paris and I started riding late. I was around 15 when I was on a Trial Bike and then I started motocross when I was 19 years old. Everything went wrong when I had my own first van and I started buying various kind of bikes. And now I have around 30. All of them are vintage, mostly 2 strokes. I race them, I break them, I fix them (with some helps). It’s an infinity circle.

My passion for motorcycles started when I was 10 years old. Step by step I started dreaming about riding bikes and having some at home myself… but the wait was long, endless I would say. Till my 15th birthday, it was the 1st day of an obsession that will never stop. And nowadays I want them all.

About WHEELS AND WAVES FESTIVAL wheels-and-waves.com

It’s a state of mind, a unique aestheticism, inspired by the motorcycle culture and shaken by our various influences. We rely on the past, on “savoir faire” to live the present and talk about the future.

Wheels and Waves creates timeless experiences, mixing various influences: motorcycle, surf, skate, music, art, allowing to dream, imaginate and share.

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Type2 - Type2 charge cable (3m)