Introducing RGNT Scrambler – the best of three worlds

The new, Made in Sweden, urban on- and off road electrical Scrambler No. 1 from RGNT is a world-beater. And damn, it’s a looker too. The unmistakably 60’s retro design is based on the success of the company’s first café racer model, but with an extended frame, higher ground clearance, sized-up knobby tyres, and a bunch of other classic Scrambler stuff. Plus, of course, with an electric bike you automatically get the silent treatment and can listen to the birds while off having fun in the woods. And the mandatory maintenance-free experience that comes along with the bike. Hey, we’re already up to the best of five worlds!

“To build a Scrambler as our second bike was no-brainer“, says Jonathan Åström, CEO and founder of RGNT Motorcycles. “The no nonsense stripped down Scrambler perfectly aligns with our brand core values of riding clean and in style – wherever you want to go.”

The Scrambler is back.

The Scrambler was popularized in the 60’s as a bike built for both off-road and street use. It pretty much died out in the 80s with the advent of pure off-road bikes, but has lately made a popular return to the bike scene – more often than not with the stylish retro look of the Scramblers of the 60s. The electric RGNT Scrambler No. 1 marks the natural progression of this ongoing trend of owning and riding a more versatile bike.

“We like to do things painstakingly thorough, with a level of detail not wholly healthy, to be fair. We're just not into delivering bikes that aren't built to the level of perfection we ourselves would prefer.”

Made in Sweden and handcrafted to perfection.

The new Scrambler shares many attributes with its predecessor, amongst them the RGNTs preference to handcraft crucial details of the bike.

Alongside the handcrafting, the whole manufacturing process is made on the Westcoast of Sweden, in Kungsbacka. Here, in the small bike shop, housing both manufacturing, as well as the rest of the company, the entirety of the bikes are put together. This is a conscious decision to make the path of new ideas to implementation as short as possible.

The many worlds theory.

Whether you’re off to roam the city streets, or tacks on the surfboard and take the shortcut to the beach, rest assured you’ll do it in a Made in Sweden, handcrafted, sustainable, maintenance-free, silent and exceptionally stylish way. Jeez, how many best-of-worlds are we up to now?

RGNT Scrambler No. 1 – brief specs.

  • Rougher and sized up tyres.
  • Black Excel Rims
  • Aluminium fenders
  • Handcrafted leather seat
  • Black handlebar
  • Rear shocks with gas
  • Fork boots
  • J-juan Brakes (ISR Brakes optional)
  • Price: €11950

Our charging cables

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Type2 - Type2 charge cable (3m)