Rack system


Available for pre-order.
Delivered in 8-12 weeks.

Pre-order via: hello@rgnt-motorcycles.com

Our rack system, crafted from robust steel, is to be mounted on the bike’s right side. Engineered for seamless integration with the bike’s overall design, it’s tailor-made to effortlessly accommodate our quick release system. Its sleek design remains strikingly minimalist, even without the attached bag. Complete with screws, it easily mounts onto the bike in its original configuration. Enjoy comfortable use, even with a passenger on board. Only compatible with: Le No.1 Classic SE, Le No.1 Classic SEL, Le No.1 Scrambler SE et Le No.1 Scrambler SEL

Our charging cables

Charging cable is not included in your bike order. Would you like to add one?

Type2 - Schuko charge cable (3m)


Type2 - Type2 charge cable (3m)