RGNT Motorcycles appoints new CEO to lead EV motorcycle manufacturer’s further growth

-Göran Karlsson brings extensive relevant experience to the table

To further accelerate the growth of RGNT Motorcycles, the Kungsbacka-based Swedish EV motorcycle manufacturer has installed a new CEO. Göran Karlsson brings extensive competence and experience within innovative, future & smart mobility, industrial design and high-profile, lifestyle products to the table. Most recently, Karlsson has been responsible for Global Strategy & Business Development at Geely Design and he has also led the global roll-out of operational excellence at Volvo Group Design.

From start-up to scale-up
Karlsson, a long-time avid motorcycle rider, said:
”I am honored to be part of the super-talented team of innovators that is RGNT Motorcycles, while the biggest revolution in mobility as we know it is happening all around us. I strongly believe RGNT Motorcycles is uniquely positioned to be at the forefront of the massive, ongoing, global transition towards sustainable e-mobility. This is why we are now positioning RGNT for accelerated growth, and embarking on the exciting journey from a promising start-up towards an exponential scale-up. With our talented team, under the wings of our highly competent board, we are re-inventing the idea of motorcycling by empowering our customers to move towards an environmentally friendly and sustainable future in style.”

Entirely new board
Måns Danielson, who has been the interim CEO for the past nine months, will stay on as a board member. Besides Danielson, Chairman Stefan Tilk (most recently the Vice Chairman and Group CEO at EV mobility company NEVS AB), also welcomes Mats Moberg (former Senior Vice President R&D at Volvo Car Corporation), Hans-Peter Ostler (extensive experience in leading medtech companies), and Alain Kugelmann (CFO at digital experience and content management company Magnolia Ltd.) into the newly formed board.

Shaping the future for RGNT and the planet
Under Karlsson’s leadership RGNT Motorcycles will now take the leap from start-up to scale-up. The company’s strategy is based on getting the strong value proposition of the brand in the hearts and minds of future-facing consumers throughout Europe. Karlsson:

”Our experience and research show that consumers who have experienced EV mobility before, are way more interested in RGNT and EV motorcycles than traditional motorcycle riders. So next to trying to change the conservative perception of current motor cyclists, we will focus on the fast-growing group of consumers who already believe that EV is the future. It is now up to us to get our brand under their attention. To create knowledge and desirability, both through traditional dealerships and through innovative sales channels and business models. We are convinced that unique products like our motorcycles need a unique approach in the way they are presented to our potential customers.
Our planet is in desperate need of new, innovative ideas within sustainability and eco-friendliness, consequently, we now see a massive e-mobility surge flooding the world, and the motorcycle segment is next up. At RGNT we want to lead this movement and we are determined to be part of the solution for our planet, not the problem. With a fantastic team on all levels, we now have everything in place to become this.”

About RGNT Motorcycles
Founded in 2019 in Sweden, we aim high. Wildly ambitious, yet underpinned by a strong vision and in-depth knowhow, we plan to silence boulevards, backroads and beaches globally by quickly expanding in a fast-growing bike-tech market. In shaping our electric future, we honor the great design achievements of the past. Our passion for iconic motorcycle design drives us to put high-end, timeless quality left, right and center in all our designs. Simply look at our bikes to see what we mean. Bound to disrupt the motorcycle realm, our designs are high-quality, timeless and packed with game changing innovation. Our quickly expanding family of motorcycles currently consists of the Classic and the Scrambler.

An ode to classic design – from the days when machines were built to last. Hand-built, without taking shortcuts or compromising on the good stuff. Premium components, groundbreaking tech and hand-crafted details add up to an exclusive, state-of-the-art motorcycle.

Holding true to the original 1950’s style, it’s built to swiftly, safely and silently steer you through whatever the world throws at you. In our Scrambler form and function play a tie-game. The winner is the rider, enjoying forward-looking style, design and tech in a first-in-class package.
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