RGNT Motorcycles x HERE Technologies proudly presents 100% EV-focused route planning navigation system for the modern commuter

Groundbreaking, industry-first system takes range, road circumstances and more into account

Sweden’s RGNT Motorcycles again proves its reputation as a pioneer in electrifying the global motorcycle industry. Together with the leading global navigation brand HERE Technologies, RGNT now presents another industry first: a 100% EV-focused motorcycle route planning and navigation system.

Specific needs
When riding an electric motorcycle, riders have very specific needs that differ from the route planning and navigation needs that drivers of other kinds of vehicles have. The new RGNT x HERE system answers to all these needs.

Route planning
The new system gives riders the opportunity to plan their trip from the comfort of their home, using the RGNT App on their smartphone to select the most efficient and suitable route to travel from one point to another. To prevent ‘range anxiety’ (“will my battery charge take me to my destination?”), the system calculates the maximum range based on current battery status, chosen road type, riding mode, and regeneration mode. But also factors like speed limitations and elevation are considered. It then displays the maximum range in a 360-degree graphic from the current position of the rider in so-called Isolines.

These Isolines clearly present the maximum range in every direction, based on all the different road conditions and circumstances in that specific direction. The orange outer line shows the maximum range 1-way, the green inner line shows the maximum range on a round-trip. This gives riders a clear overview whether the destination is reachable. If not, they can either choose to charge the battery before leaving, or find a charging spot along the way, using the new navigation system.

Anslut dig
Once the desired route has been planned, sending the route to the bike is simply a matter of hitting the SEND button. The RGNT App then transfers all the route data to the bike, making turn-by-turn navigation available on the instrument cluster as soon as the bike’s start button is pressed. This unique technology prevents having riders endlessly fiddle with their navigation system before every trip. As soon as the route is visible on the dashboard, alterations – like adding destinations or charging stations – can be made directly on the touchscreen dashboard or in the mobile app.

The new and groundbreaking RGNT x HERE will be available on every new RGNT motorcycle from today. On earlier models the new system will be made available through a free, over-the-air software update in the coming period.

Be among the first to try the new navigation and route planning feature (Beta). Simply fill out the form här to be eligible to receive the new update. At the moment only applicable for the SEL and SE models.

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