Hedon x RGNT Motorcycles

This spring we invited Hedon to take part in our first pop up store display in Paris. For this special occasion Hedon decided to create 2 helmets to match our motorcycles. They were immediately attracted to our aesthetics and ethos. Hedon is really excited about cleaner transportation and is ready to be part of this this global movement. Lindsay Chong, Founder and Creative Director of Hedon, designed the 2 helmets to fit perfectly with our newly launched motorcycles. Both helmets were painted skilfully by master painter Christian. The first with a Chrome base, a very difficult effect to master on a round surface and the second helmet was painted in red, matching the 1960’s inspired scrambler.

Starts from €1500

More information and orders, go to: hedon.com

Our charging cables

Charging cable is not included in your bike order. Would you like to add one?

Type2 - Schuko charge cable (3m)


Type2 - Type2 charge cable (3m)