While you charge your battery you can fill up your ego too.

The RGNT no1 Classic and the Scrambler SEL is an exclusive work of art, limited to 25 units each. We’ve asked artist Menze Kwint to make an illustration of this motorcycle, also in a limited series. His artwork is serialized, and the numbers correspond to the bike’s number.

NAME: Menze Kwint
CITY: Aduard
OCCUPATION: Illustrator, concepter
INSTAGRAM: menzekwint

About me:
My name is Menze and I am an illustrator living in the Netherlands. I have many years of experience in illustration, design and concepting. Both as a self-employed artist as well as working for an agency and in-house. My passion for motorcycles started young. I owned a motorcycle before I did a car and have been on two wheels ever since.

Classic bikes are amazing. They’re iconic, timeless, and come with oodles of character. Sadly they often also come with starter cables, oil leaks, involuntary roadside stops and greasy hands. RGNT combines classic styling with future tech, and nothing of the unwanted character traits that their older counterparts come with.

Motorcycles offer the perfect platform for EV mobility. Most of the time you ride short distances anyway, so the range is not a big deal. Bikers LOVE to stop and watch our bikes (And have others watch our bikes). So while you charge your battery you can fill up your ego too.

Our charging cables

Charging cable is not included in your bike order. Would you like to add one?

Type2 - Schuko charge cable (3m)


Type2 - Type2 charge cable (3m)