RGNT Motorcycles teams with Italian distributor and dealer Giuseppe Marini

– Brand’s Italian representation kicked off with booming launch event

Swedish EV-motorcycle manufacturer RGNT Motorcycles has announced its new partnership with Italian importer and distributor Giuseppe Marini and his company Plastek srl. As Italy is a nation of motorcycle lovers, RGNT is very happy to finally start operations there. The cooperation means that RGNT is now represented and sold in 14 countries in Europe. To highlight the start of this exciting new episode in the brand’s development, a well-attended launch party at Marini’s winery Tomisa on the Bolognesi hills, just south of Bologna, gave dozens of journalists, professionals and influencers a first – and very positive – introduction to the new SE model line-up.

Challenging job
Giuseppe Marini is looking forward to introducing the electric RGNT models to the Italian public, even though he understands this will require hard work especially in the so called “Motor Valley” of Bologna area. He said: 

“Italy has a rich motorcycle culture, and the people love the typical Italian twin-cylinder combustion engine. At the same time, more and more Italians care about sustainability and reducing harmful emissions. The fully electric RGNT model line-up is the perfect,
environmental-friendly alternative for Italians looking for a stylish, well designed and high-end motorcycle. These bikes give you the freedom to enjoy more, whilst polluting less. The brand is about having fun with a clear conscience.” 

Plastek plans to open his own dealership and showroom just outside Bologna, whilst working with local multi-brand dealers throughout the country to establish a nationwide dealer network. He has already started talks with several dealers and a local motorcycle riding school.

Many highlights
The reactions of riders testing the SE models at the launch event were very positive. The complete absence of noise and vibration, the acceleration and quick throttle response, and the user-friendly tech where specifically mentioned as highlights. The RGNT Classic is available from €13,495.00. The RGNT Scrambler starts at € 14,495.00. For more details on the new SE model line-up, visit

About RGNT Motorcycles
Founded in 2019 in Sweden, we aim high. Wildly ambitious, yet underpinned by a strong vision and in-depth knowhow, we plan to silence boulevards, backroads and beaches globally by quickly expanding in a fast-growing bike-tech market. In shaping our electric future, we honor the great design achievements of the past. Our passion for iconic motorcycle design drives us to put high-end, timeless quality left, right and center in all our designs. Simply look at our bikes to see what we mean. Bound to disrupt the motorcycle realm, our designs are high-quality, timeless and packed with game changing innovation. Our quickly expanding family of motorcycles
currently consists of the Classic and the Scrambler.

No.1 Classic
An ode to classic design – from the days when machines were built to last. Handbuilt, without taking shortcuts or compromising on the good stuff. Premium components, groundbreaking tech and hand-crafted details add up to an exclusive, state-of-the-art classic motorcycle.

No.1 Scrambler
Holding true to the original 1950’s style, it’s built to swiftly, safely and silently steer you through whatever the world throws at you. In our Scrambler form and function play a tie-game. The winner is the rider, enjoying forward-looking style, design and tech in a first-in-class package.

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