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Founded in 2019 in Sweden, we aim high. Wildly ambitious, yet underpinned by a strong vision and in-depth knowhow, we plan to silence boulevards, backroads and beaches globally by quickly expanding in a fast-growing bike-tech market.

Digital creative & Marketing Coordinator

We are growing and see an enormous potential in digital, social media and experience marketing. But we need your help to work out where, how, and when to be seen going forward. We also need your help to create inspiring and cool content that open peoples’ eyes for the next generation vehicles. Since we are a scaleup company you will be involved in a lot of other things as well, like coordinating marketing and sales activities…


As our new Purchaser, you can look forward to an exciting role with many development opportunities and a global network of suppliers! With your strategic and operational skills you will work in a broad role with a lot of different tasks. You will be responsible for purchasing prototype- and production material and be the main contact for our global supplier network.

Electrical Hardware Engineer

As our Hardware engineer, you can look forward to an exciting role in the midst of our agile development. You will work closely with our cross functional team to develop the future of electric mobility. Your role will contain both operative and strategic tasks ranging from taking a PCB idea through concept all the way to production and testing, making schematics, BoM, setting up and designing for EMC tests, specifying hardware- and system requirements. 

Ride with us

Our pace is fast and our ambitions are big. Forever moving miles ahead of our industry, we’re taking RGNT towards greater heights. Join our crew and be part of the movement towards bike innovation. We’re always on the lookout for new crew.

Our charging cables

Charging cable is not included in your bike order. Would you like to add one?

Type2 - Schuko charge cable (3m)


Type2 - Type2 charge cable (3m)