October 12, 2023

If you really want to save lives, give up the loud pipes

For decades we’ve all been telling the world that loud pipes save lives. And they probably did save some lives, of the odd person crossing the street without looking left or right. But that was back in the day. When every motorbike simply made noise and burnt gasoline.

In case you’ve missed it: times have changed and the world requires a change.. Today there are more convincing and sustainable ways to defend your love for motorcycles. Like buying an electric one, for instance.

A fully electrified motorcycle industry significantly helps to prevent air pollution and global warming, with its devastating effects on our planet and its people. Do you want your kids, and their kids, to enjoy the freedom of riding through the marvels of nature? There you go.

Another thing you might have missed in the noisy rumble of your pipes: contemporary EV bikes provide as much fun and exhilaration as combustion-engine bikes. If not more.

They offer ever more torque, more speed, and more new technology. Combined with easy handling, no shifting, and a hassle-free ownership and low-cost riding experience. Try for your self.

And have you considered the countless technological perks, like over-the-air software updates? Predictive maintenance? Up-to-date navigation? And active safety features?

Let’s face it: it’s time to let bygones be bygones.

If you are serious about saving lives, give up the loud pipes.

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